Machining Services

Help Us Revive American Manufacturing. Give Your Friends & Neighbors the chance to support their families again !

acquire locally  machined quality parts more efficiently and cost effectively 

Machining Partner is started out of frustration of seeing perfectly capable American Machine Shops close down and our friends and neighbors loose jobs, including our founder. With Machining Partner we hope to help you locate, connect and forge new business relationship and keep your doors open.

Machining Sourcing Service:

• Reduces manufacturing time and cost
• Improves Competitive Edge
• Increases Market Share
• Eliminates the Need to Pay Sourcing Employees
• Enables Comparison Shopping
• Generates qualified machining leads
• Allows machine shops to keep doors open
• Stimulates hiring and local economy


Use our Free machining sourcing services and machine shop marketing to your Competitive Advantage !

The demands of today’s competitive manufacturing climate are many: rapid product introduction, condensed product life cycles, tighter cost control and shorter lead times.

Why not sit back and let a sourcing expert do the hard work for you ?

machine shop servicesMachining Partner is your ultimate sourcing partner with the industry know-how and deep relationships formed over the decades with reliable suppliers. Our manufacturing partners operate state of the art precision manufacturing facilities and specialize in machining wide range of materials including aluminum, stainless, copper, titanium and plastics.

Capabilities include CNC Production, Short Run and Proto-Type with enhanced Engineering Design and Mechanical Assembly in addition to CAD and Cost Reduction Consultations.
To succeed in this volatile environment, today’s most successful companies rely on best value partnerships that can respond to these challenges in an efficient, timely manner and keep them ahead of competition.

We strive to build and sustain strong partnerships with our customers, based on trust and confidence. We conduct ourselves as an extension of our customers’ organization.

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