How to Find Customers for Machine Shop

Increase profits by finding new customers without competing against sweat shops..

Times are tough for machining shop businesses all over the country. These days it is hard to find jobs, a tough fight to bid a job for even a small profit, and a war to win a bid for even the smallest job. Competition is fierce and cutthroat as owners struggle to keep their businesses and life’s work alive.

Engineers, buyers, suppliers, and owners are finding it tougher and tougher to stay in business and remain competitive even though the government claims the economy is improving. offer a unique networking opportunity for anyone involved in the machining shop world.
First and foremost there are no fees. That means no fees at all to join and be involved in a growing network of machine shop experts from all phases of the business. No sourcing fees, no membership fees, and no hidden charges for participation in a network community that can improve your bottom line and the way you do business. is the foremost on line community where machine shop buyers and suppliers can connect, build new and better relationships, and improve their profit.

Established and developed by people in the machine shop business that have experience from running a grinder to making a successful and profitable multi-location international operation work at top productivity, is based on sound professional knowledge that members can take advantage of for free. offers a variety of collaborative options that will improve your bidding efficiency and generate more work for your machine shop. You can post and bid on RFQ’s, communicate with suppliers and buyers through private and instant messaging, find business in the ad section, and develop working groups in your company and with other companies to develop a profitable solution to your special project.

You can also exchange drawings and other documents quickly, make those last minute changes to drawings and get a buyers O.K. in minutes, maximize your ability to get the best price for your product, and maximize your ability to get the most quotes for the job you need. is a United States only organization. No foreign competition. No minimum labor competition that undercuts your profit. This allows you to minimize the time you spend in selecting a supplier or finding customers for your machine shop. The whole idea is you will not have a machine sit idle again. That means more profit. It also means you do not have to lay off workers and spend money finding a new unknown machinist when work picks up again.

Designed and developed by machine shop pros from all parts of the machine shop business, is the only absolutely free machine shops networking community that can guarantee you the best shot at more business, the lowest prices on material, the opportunity to collaborate with experts from machine shops all over the country, the best selection of proficient trained new employees, and a totally United States only market.

When says no fees they mean no fees. helps you find more customers for your machine shop. Start enjoying more profit and better business relationships with machine shop marketing.