Machine Shop Marketing

Is Your Machine Shop Marketing Geared Towards Success?

Have you seen a slowdown in the number of companies that are using your services, and wonder just what your machine shop marketing is actually doing for your company in these days of under priced foreign competitors?

There has been a slowdown in the amount of work that local businesses are picking up for their machine shops, and, as you can imagine, or may not even need to ‘imagine’, it’s having a negative effect on the company’s balance sheet, leading to a reduction of the number of staff being employed, and, ultimately, it’s leading to a lot of company closures. Is your machine shop marketing helping you to gain more business?

With the number of cheap imported goods becoming available it’s not always as economical for companies that require machine shop products to go to their local shops. Even though they may be just down the road, and that means there’s little to no cost in terms of transport, you may still be out priced on a door to door item from overseas, and yet you still try to use the old ways of machine shop marketing; isn’t it time to try a different tack?

I’m sure that you’re not unaware of the boom in the online economy and the big companies that are using it in their advertising efforts; but, have you ever stopped to wonder if it could be generating you more machining leads?
If you’re like a lot of the more, let’s say ‘traditional’ offline companies then the furthest you’ve probably got with dabbling in taking your business online is to start communicating via email. That’s great, we all have to start somewhere; but don’t you think the other options are worth investigating further?

You may have got as far as putting up a web page that shows where you’re located, the products you sell, and the happy smiling faces of you and your employees; that’s even better, you know that there’s potential in an online presence; but have you taken it to the stage where you’re actively seeking to promote machine shop products and services that your company produces or carries out?

If you’ve been stuck in the local phone books, and advertising through them has become more of a routine than a way of generating real machining leads, you could be starving your company of business just because it’s the easiest thing to do; well, it is if you don’t know how easy machine shop marketing on specifically targeted machining network sites is.

How much would it be worth for you, your employees, and the continuation of your business, to know that you can go online and be found by companies who are actually waiting for you to promote machine shop products that you create? Two words spring to mind, ‘life changing’.

Ah, but what about the problem of cheap foreign imports taking away your business on these networks, too? That won’t be a problem; many of these networks are local businesses getting together to work jointly, and that means you have more than a fighting chance when you promote machine shop products to them.

OK, what about the cost? It must be expensive to get so many beneficial machining leads, right? Well, no, it’s far cheaper than you could ever have thought; it also leaves you with money for more traditional advertising, though you may find ways that point your efforts in a different direction, and make your machine shop marketing far more effective.

Does that sound like the sort of thing that would interest you? Forget that. Does that sound like the sort of thing that would keep your business afloat in a market that’s being flooded by cheaper, inferior products? If so then you really need to find out how can maximize your machine shop marketing strategy, and let you breathe easy when you think about where future orders will be coming from.