Astra Releases Peeling Machine KA-750 for Soft Core Pineapples

ASTRA KA-750 series

ASTRA, leading fruit peeling machine manufacturer from Japan, has developed a new peeling function for soft core Taiwanese pineapple, with the “Pineapplator” KA-750 series in response to the increasing demand for Taiwanese pineapples.

The fresh-cut pineapples you see in supermarkets have been peeled and cut. The mainstream method used in mass-processing factories, is to use a cylindrical cutter to peel and de-core at once. This method can process in high-speed, but the yield is very poor, and produces many edible wastes. On the other hand, the mainstream method used in supermarkets, is manually peeling. This method can produce high yield, but the task is time-consuming and labor-intensive. To solve these problems, ASTRA developed and added the pineapple peeling machine KA-750 to their “Peel-a-ton” series lineup. The KA-750 will simultaneously improve yield and eliminate labor shortages while maintaining high peeling quality.

Features of KA-750 series

1. High yield performance

A specially developed peeler blade is controlled to peel pineapples according to their shapes. The peeled surface is smooth and reduces food oxidation and juice dripping. The yield rate is approximately 55-60% (*Actual measurement, before top and bottom cutting), contributing to the prevention of food loss.

2. Easy operation for any operator

Since the machine can be operated with simple buttons, the quality of peeling can be maintained at all times, regardless of the operator’s skill level.

3. Easy to clean

Since the machine is designed to be used in a food factory, the entire machine can be washed in water. Each part can be removed without the need for tools and can be cleaned and disinfected separately from the main unit for hygiene. The product is small enough to fit on a tabletop and can be carried and stored by hand after work.

The KA-750 series basically uses the firmness of the core of the pineapple to fix the fruit. However, Taiwanese pineapples are generally softer than the regular golden pineapples and has an edible soft-core. This meant that the fixation of the Taiwanese pineapple was not stable enough. To solve this problem, ASTRA invented a new attachment parts which uses the hard skin of the pineapple for the fixation. This new attachment made the KA-750 series able to peel soft- core Taiwanese pineapples. As with regular golden pineapples, the yield of peeled Taiwanese pineapples is about 55% to 60%. The pineapple which has an edible core, and a peeling machine that does not have a coring function, was a good match and the KA-750 series were highly accepted by the Taiwanese market. The first lot of this year has already been sold out.

About ASTRA Inc.: Over thirty years of experience in peeling machine manufacturing, ASTRA has more than 70% share in the kaki (persimmon) peeling market of Japan. The patented technology of ASTRA made its peeling machine able to adjust the peeling speed and depth, and able to peel 20+ variations of wonky shaped fruits beautifully. ASTRA is developing its business with high-speed electric peeler as its mainstay, and its high technology is highly appreciated by winning the “”Kitchen Innovations Award”” in 2018, and the “”14th Nippon New Business Creation Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence”” in December 2019. More information about ASTRA is available at

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