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MicroSilicon announced today that they will be both presenting a paper and exhibiting hardware at the upcoming Digital Oilfields USA 2022 Exhibition and Conference in Clear Lake, Houston, August 24-25. The conference presents a unique opportunity for MicroSilicon to showcase its vision for the digitization of oilfield chemistry. During the conference, oilfield operators and service companies will meet with key technology partners such as MicroSilicon while allowing attendees to explore innovative technologies and digital solutions for the oil and gas industry.

MicroSilicon was launched as a spin-off from Rice University in Houston, Texas to create an Internet-of-Things platform for digital flow assurance with particular application to asphaltene deposition: the “cholesterol of oil”. Digitalization is key to the success of their Quantum RF* platform. As oilfield fluids flow through the system, those fluids are subjected to a mix microwaves and high intensity magnetic fields. This combination causes paramagnetic molecules in the oil to resonate in a fashion that is indicative of the properties of the molecule and results in a digital fingerprint of the fluid. The digital fingerprint can then be transmitted to the Cloud where machine learning and A.I.-based techniques extract actionable information for chemical management.

The proprietary components of the Quantum-RF monitoring system streamline the detection and quantification of the asphaltene percentage within well fluids, as well as providing ancillary information important to chemical management such as real-time dielectric and conductivity measurement (e.g. for gas/water/oil ratios and for onboard diagnostics). The system dramatically reduces analysis time compared to traditional gravimetric techniques and for the first time makes it feasible to monitor an entire field in real-time. Multiple operators have indicated that they are seeing cost-saving potential as a consequence of the real-time digitization.

As the digital transformation expands, operators are looking for new ways to navigate through a post-pandemic world and embrace the ‘digital oilfield age’ for more efficient and cost-effective operations. Previous to the MicroSilicon platform, however, there had not been an option to digitize chemical management – the only option had been to take fluid samples and return them to chemical laboratories far from the wellsite. As the MicroSilicon platform extends beyond paramagnetic molecules using other spectroscopic techniques, it is anticipated that real-time chemical profiling will become a realistic alternative to many lab-based techniques, not just asphaltene quantification.

MicroSilicon has also launched a crowdfunding exercise to help further develop its digital sensing capabilities. Please visit


About MicroSilicon

MicroSilicon is the world’s innovation leader for real-time fluid characterization using electromagnetic and quantum chemical technology and for which they won have won multiple industry awards including ADIPEC and iChemE in 2021. MicroSilicon is based in Houston. For more information, visit http://www.microsiliconinc.com/.

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