Online training for continuing education credits: Virtual Training Week

Five days of online training are planned for March 29 through April 2 as a continuing education opportunity from CFE Media and Technology, owners of Control Engineering, Plant Engineering, Consulting-Specifying Engineer and other recognized industry resources.

The five days of training include presentations from industry experts, videos, research, live Q&A sessions, and discussion forums. Topics for the week are Control Systems, Motors and Drives, Plant Safety and Security, Critical Power Considerations, Effective Maintenance Strategies and Digital Transformation and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. A best practices session will start at 10 a.m., research or roundtable panel will start at noon, and an application will be at 2 p.m. central time. Daily details follow:

March 29, Monday: Control Systems, Motors, and Drives

Attendees will hear from industry experts and leading manufacturers about topics such as UL Standards, short circuit protection, and more.

March 30, Tuesday: Plant Safety and Security

Hear from experts in the industry to learn about best practices in plant safety and security, electrical safety and more.

March 31, Wednesday: Critical Power Considerations

Thought-leaders in critical power will discuss transformers, uninterruptible power supplies, switchgear and more.

April 1, Thursday: Effective Maintenance Strategies

Maintenance experts will discuss topics such as outstanding applications in maintenance for core manufacturing processes and Industry 4.0.

April 2, Friday: Digital Transformation and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Hear from industry experts as they discuss topics including how to apply Industry 4.0 into existing operations.

Learn more about the Spring 2021 Virtual Training Week.