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TRC Services Inc. (“TRC”) is excited to announce the release of the TXUnited™ sucker rod, which leverages TRC’s shot peening expertise and engineering legacy to add another integral product to the company’s lifecycle sucker rod program. The goal of the product’s development was to create a new sucker rod to fit into TRC’s existing sucker rod lifecycle management program that will lower the carbon footprint and reduce the net cost of ownership over the life of the rod.

“Safeguarding the planet has become critically important. Sucker rod remanufacturing is a great example of the circular economy principal in action. It is a sustainable, pragmatic, and cost-effective approach to achieving ambitious climate goals,” said Rafael Casas, TRC’s Sustainability Director.

TRC uses its proprietary shot peening process and expertise to finish TXUnited rods manufactured in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a subsidiary of ChampionX Corporation (“ChampionX”) (Nasdaq: CHX).

TRC’s TXUnited™ rod is instrumental for TRC to continue providing customers with a complete line of sucker rod solutions. The rod offers long-lasting durability and can be remanufactured repeatedly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering net costs for customers.

“We are pleased to deepen our collaboration with ChampionX given the company’s outstanding reputation for consistency and long-standing commitment to quality performance,” said TRC President Eric Johnson.

TRC now has availability of TXUnited™ rods to serve customers.

About TRC Services, Inc.

Founded in 1996, TRC Services, Inc. is a leader in the sucker rod industry and is focused on the Circular Economy. TRC is uniquely positioned to manage its customers’ entire sucker rod programs. Their product and service lines include new and remanufactured steel sucker rods, new Fiberflex fiberglass sucker rods, refurbished pumping units, sucker rod string designs, failure analysis, and well optimization services. TRC services its customers throughout the United States through its four plants in Midland, TX, two plants in Oklahoma City, and facility in Pleasanton, TX. To learn more about TRC Services, Inc., visit

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