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Our expert mechanical design engineers and mechanical CAD drafters are able to use various CAD platforms such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, SpaceClaim and Inventor to expedite design cycle time.

Drafting and 3D product design services include:

  • Creating drawings, 2D, 3D CAD modeling from conceptual sketches
  • 2D drawings, in-process instructions for fabrication and assembly
  • Fixture and tooling design including fasteners, jigs, machine tables, tombstones etc
  • Model and drafting file format conversion
  • Design of material handling equipment including conveyors, cranes, hoist etc
  • Design of pump, turbines, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems
  • Manufacturability analysis and design specifications
  • Stress analysis for furnaces, storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping systems

Comprehensive Mechanical Design Services:
Our fast expert design engineers deliver complete 2D drafting and 3D modeling services for manufacturing and fabrication allowing you to quickly turn concepts into prototypes or production.

Conceptual Design Validation:
We follow “Design for Manufacturing” principles to help you better validate your conceptual designs. We will quickly convert your sketches to comprehensive 3D CAD models for better engineering insights.

Rapid Prototyping:
We help product design engineers to develop CAD prototypes for eliminating iterative design process for testing and help save time and cost.

Design Optimization Solutions:
Our design optimization solutions for OEM and fabricators bring cost saving and expedites product development processes.

Quality Services:
Stay profitable and competitive with better and efficient products. We strive to provide you with mistake free drafting and modeling products though our multi-stage in-house quality checks.

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machine shop drafting CAD 3D design services USA

What are Production or Manufacturing Drawings?

Production or Manufacturing Drawings are also known as Working Drawings within the Manufacturing Industry. A  complete set of drawings will have all information needed for production.  Production should be able to fabricate every component and have all dimensions/tolerances included. These drawings are divided into two main categories.

Component/Part Drawings

Part drawings describe details about specific part that require manufacturing and are intended for the technician or machinist.  Additionally all drafting services should include post machining information such as coatings and finishes. These dimensions must be included in tolerances and dimensions.

Our drafting services and mechanic design services include the following information.

  • Material Specification
  • Linear Dimensions including Tolerances
  • Angular Dimensions including Tolerances
  • Geometric Tolerances
  • Surface Finish Type and Tolerances
  • Coatings and Tolerances

Assembly Drawings

Depending on the complexity, Assembly drawings are often structured into a Top Level Assembly and Sub-Assemblies. This is to give more clarity on the full product. Assembly drawings should include:

  • All Sub-Assemblies used within the assembly
  • All parts to be manufactured
  • All bought in parts including their specific part numbers, manufacturer or supplier
  • Fixings such as Bolts, Nuts, Washers etc.
  • Bill of materials (BOM) showing a full list of all parts
  • The drawings should be illustrated in a way to clearly show how the Product fits together. This should/could include several views (Plan, Top, Side, Isometric etc.) and Exploded Views
  • Additional information that might be required such as Weight, assembly instructions should also be included if required.

machine shop drafting CAD 3D design services USA