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Don't Be Left Behind - Your Website Could Increase Sales By Over 80%

An online presence is now mandatory for machine shops to attract customers in the digital age. With decades of experience in precision machining and engineering, MachiningPartner builds high-performance websites to showcase expertise and deliver new business. We create optimized, results-driven online presences for manufacturing businesses. Leveraging real machining expertise, we build sites that showcase niche capabilities to attract ideal clients.

The Value of Partnering with Fellow Machinists for Machine Shop Website

Our team offers an invaluable perspective from over 20 years of hands-on experience in precision CNC machining, CAD/CAM programming, and manufacturing. We come from your world. Having personally programmed, setup, and operated machine tools, we understand the intricacies of your manufacturing business. This depth of knowledge allows us to design websites that speak directly to others across the machining industry. We speak your language fluently – from deburring to 5axis fixturing, EDM, cut taps to form taps. You can share your capabilities and vision without getting lost in translation or having to clarify technical details.

Drive More Sales With a Professional Website

94% of First Impressions Are From Your Website

According to Clutch B2B audiences most commonly find business-related content through search engines (87%) and social media (85%)

Are You Missing Out on 81% of Potential Customers?

81% of B2B buyers start their buying process online, according to FinanceOnline. This means that if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on a large percentage of potential customers. 

Companies With Websites Are 75% More Likely to Win Business

75% of Customers Say They’re More Likely to Do Business with a Company That Has a Website, according Clutch. This shows how influential a website is for winning business. 

Website Essential for Success Says 79% of Businesses

79% of businesses say that their website is essential for their business success, per a Nextiva study. This shows that businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of having a website.

We know precisely how to highlight your specific processes, equipment, credentials, and specializations in a compelling way. We speak CNC fluently.

Let a Machinist Build Your Machine Shop Website

As machinists, we understand manufacturing. Let our team of experts combine real machining experience with proven web design skills to create your optimized machine shop website.

Contact our team today to get a competitive advantage with a conversion-focused, machining-driven website.

Driving Real Results, Not Just Site Visits to Your Machine Shop Website

Beautiful websites are meaningless unless they generate sales. With you, we focus on tangible ROI, not vanity metrics.  Our solutions are designed to:

  • Attract Manufacturing Clients – We make you discoverable and memorable.
  • Engage Site Visitors – Our sites highlight your capabilities and make contacting you seamless.
  • Build Trust – We emphasize your machining excellence, credentials, and experience.
  • Guide Prospects to Become Customers – User experience optimized to convert visitors into leads.
  • Showcase Your Machining Specialties – We spotlight your differentiators and expertise.
on-demand cad design and engineering services

With web solutions built to perform, you gain a competitive edge.

In our digital age, your machine shop website is often the first impression manufacturing prospects form of your machining business. Ensure it’s an accurate reflection. Stand out with a tailored website designed specifically for high-precision machine shops, fabricators and related businesses. 

With MachiningPartner as your web design ally, you gain a powerful asset for driving new manufacturing clients and growth

Are You Ready to Showcase Your Manufacturing Excellence?

An optimized professional website can attract manufacturing clients 24/7? Let’s explore how we can partner to build an effective web presence tailored specifically for high-precision machine shops like yours.

Contact our team of machinist web developers today to get started. We’re ready to help your business thrive in the digital age.

FAQs about Machine Shop Website Design from Fellow Machinist

An optimized professional website can attract manufacturing clients 24/7? Let’s explore how we can partner to build an effective web presence tailored specifically for high-precision machine shops like yours.

Contact our team of machinist web developers today to get started. We’re ready to help your business thrive in the digital age.

⬇ How much does a custom machine shop website cost?

Many web design agencies quote manufacturing businesses $5,000 – $15,000 or more for a basic small business website. As one of our clients recently shared, they received an absurd ballpark range of $12,000 – $21,000 from an agency for a starter site.

At MachiningPartner, we take a different approach focused on upfront transparency and reasonable pricing. Our starter websites for machine shops begin at just $1,500. We also offer an ultra-affordable compact machine shop website starts at only $749.

No matter your budget, our team of machinists will work with you to maximize value. We’ll have an honest discussion about your goals, specifications, and options to find the right solution. You’ll get our specialty expertise at a fair price-point, not just inflated agency bills.

While vendors like Thomasnet throw out five and six-figure quotes, we cut through the nonsense to deliver sites that actualize your digital presence. Let’s explore achieving your growth goals without absurd price tags or vague corporate jargon.

⬇ Do you have experience working with shops like mine?

While your shop may be unique in many ways, the core essentials of the machining world are second nature to me after 20+ years in the industry. I intrinsically understand the priorities of a machine shop owner and the nuances of effectively communicating machining capabilities because I’ve lived it firsthand. So while I may not have worked with a business exactly identical to yours, you can trust that I know your pain points and goals like the back of my hand. My deep machinist experience allows me to translate that seamlessly into website designs and content tailored specifically for shops like yours.

⬇ What is your process for creating a website?

Our website design process is simple and straightforward – we handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on your machining operations.

We get it – as a fellow machinist, you’d much rather be out on the shop floor dialing in your machining processes than worrying about website design details. And with over 20 years of hands-on CNC machining experience under our belts, you won’t have to explain the finer points of 4-axis machining vs trunnion tables to us either!

We speak your language fluently – from deburring to EDM, cut taps to form taps. You can share your capabilities and goals without getting lost in translation or having to clarify technical nuances.

That’s why we handle all the website heavy lifting and won’t bother you about insignificant details or misrepresent your services. Our team has operated in machine shops just like yours for decades.

So leave the website to us and focus your time where it matters most – fine-tuning your machines and streamlining production. We’ve been in your shoes and know where your priorities lie.

Here’s the gist of how it works:

First, we sit down together (virtually or in-person) to understand your business goals and discuss what content and functionality your ideal site needs. No need to think about technical specifications – just your vision.

Next, we handle turning that vision into a practical web framework optimized for how manufacturing buyers and prospects search online. We take care of wireframes, layouts, site architecture and behind the scenes based on best practices.

Then we populate the site with custom content optimized specifically for communicating your machining capabilities and expertise clearly to potential customers. Finally, we thoroughly test and refine the finished website before launch to ensure a flawless user experience.

The goal is keeping things simple on your end. Just share your vision and leave the web design intricacies to us. We know your time is best spent managing operations – not picking fonts and analyzing web metrics! You take care of your NC code and we take care of HTML.

⬇ How long does it take complete a website project?

Typically 4-8 weeks depending on scope. We provide a specific timeline estimate after discussing all aspects of your project and ensure timely delivery of an awesome final product.

⬇ Can I edit my website content myself later?

We build all our websites on top of a flexible content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to edit and add content down the road.

Our preferred CMS is incredibly user-friendly while also being robust and secure behind the scenes. It’s the most widely used platform on the web.

Depending on the package, we provide full access and training on our CMS so you can make text and image changes yourself as your business evolves. For more complex updates, our team can handle them for a reasonable fee.

We want to empower you with a site that scales as your needs grow. With the right CMS foundation, you gain a powerful toolkit for keeping information fresh. We can also provide ongoing content marketing assistance to showcase your latest machining capabilities and successes.

Let us know if you have any particular goals around updating content over time. We’ll ensure you have the right solutions in place for maintaining an evergreen website that converts visitors into customers.

⬇ Do your websites work on mobile devices?

Yes, every website is fully responsive to adapt seamlessly to any device – phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Your site will impress users whether they are browsing on a 30′′ monitor or 3′′ mobile screen.

⬇ Can you incorporate my shop's videos into the website?

Definitely. We can integrate your YouTube videos, 3D part animations, shop tour footage, testimonials, and more seamlessly into the custom site to showcase your capabilities.

⬇ How can I update my website as my business grows?

We make regular website content updates easy through our proprietary CMS platform. And we’re always available to discuss evolving your site as your shop grows and goals change.

⬇ Do you provide website hosting and email?

Yes, hosting and professional email (yourname@yourcompany.com) are included. Depending on your web -design package you buy from us we proactively monitor uptime, speed, and security to keep your site performing optimally.

We don’t provide hosting services directly, but we’re happy to recommend robust hosting solutions tailored for industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Based on extensive experience, we suggest trusted enterprise-level hosting providers that offer:

  • Maximum uptime, speed, and security for manufacturing sites.
  • Scalable servers and architecture to support growth.
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer and storage space.
  • Seamless backups and SSL encryption.
  • Premium email accounts for your domain to project professionalism.
  • Excellent technical support.

We can advise on selecting an optimal hosting platform for your manufacturing website and business needs. Our goal is to ensure you have an industrial-strength hosting solution that delivers the performance, reliability and capabilities required for long-term success.

Please let us know if you need any hosting guidance or provider recommendations. We’re happy to share our expertise to help you choose the right solution.

⬇ How can I track my website's performance?

We integrate Google Analytics to provide insights into traffic, top pages, conversions, referrers, location data and more key stats to measure performance. We’ll review metrics regularly with you.

⬇ Will you help market my website?

Our focus is crafting high-converting sites, but we’re happy to discuss marketing services like search optimizations, content creation, linking strategies, and analytics to maximize visibility and conversions.

⬇ How do you optimize websites for manufacturing lead generation?

Through tailored content, seamless contact forms, strong calls-to-action, fast load times, mobile optimization, and designing the entire user experience to guide visitors into becoming sales leads. We focus on real results, not vanity metrics.

⬇ What are some examples of how you convey technical expertise?

We know how to emphasize your specific machining processes, the right equipment and credentials, use of certain tooling, your quality certifications, and other domain expertise – doing so in a compelling way using the right language, visuals, and messaging that resonates with manufacturing buyers.

Take your manufacturing business to new heights with a website designed by experts who understand your industry from the inside out. Contact MachiningPartner today for and discuss building or rebuilding your machine shop website, and together, we’ll elevate your online presence to drive business growth and success.

Affordable Machine Shop Websites - Simple Solutions Optimized for Manufacturing

Built by machinists, our tailored websites help machine shops showcase expertise and attract new machine shop customers online. Choose essentials or expanded options. Please note, prices are subject to change. Last increase May,1st 2024. 

Feature Included Add-On
Website type Home page with sections $149+ per additional page
Custom design No (besides your content) $349+ per page
Blog No Blog setup with 3 posts ($699+)
Mobile Responsive Yes No
Contact form Basic $249+ for advanced form
Email marketing No $499+ integration
Animated design No $119 per animated page
Your images and videos Yes No
Your content Yes No
Custom content No $129 per 2000 words, $199+ per design
Lead Magnet eBook No $799+ for 101 eBook with graphics, text, what is a lead capture?
CMS platform Yes, WordPress No
Backups No $149 per automated backup setup
SEO Basic $99 per page for advanced
Managed content marketing No $399+/month for optimized content
Managed updates & maintenance No $199+/month
Press release writing No $349 per release, distribution seperate by third party
Training 1 hour included $150/hour extended training
10% local business discount Yes No
$2499 $1499 limited time offer!
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how to get customers to machine shop

Educate and Capture Leads With an eBook.

An introductory eBook allows you to provide in-depth value to your audience while gathering their contact information. For example, Test Devices Inc.’s “Spin Testing For Manufacturing 101” eBook explains spin testing’s processes, capabilities, and benefits for prospective customers.

Offering an educational eBook establishes your business as an authority, improves lead generation, gathers engaged contacts, and advances the buyer’s journey. Let us help you create the right eBook to showcase your expertise and optimize it to speak to your audience.