We provide sheet metal design services to fabricators, contractors and engineering design firms to reduce material scrap, shorten the product development schedules and deliver quality products.
MachiningPartner.com , we have an experience of working with various CAD platforms for over 15+ years to aid sheet metal and HVAC contractors, material handlers, OEMs and manufacturers of building products.

Our CAD drafters and design engineers deliver 2D CAD drafts and multi component assembly & fabrication drawings for sheet metal components using SolidWorks.
We develop 2D drawings, 3D sheet metal models in SolidWorks as well as evaluate the product performance virtually through industry-leading technology tools. Our engineers specialize in SolidWorks 3D modeling services to develop design information for wide range of sheet metal products including building hardware and furniture products, doors, windows, kiosks, machine tools, automotive components and industrial equipment.

Our sheet metal design capabilities include:
CAD drafting and detailing support for 2D and 3D solid sheet metal parts and assemblies
Converting SolidWorks or imported CAD models to sheet metal part
Design and generate flanges, miter, edges, using bend allowances/deduction with calculation of corner reliefs
Developing features like ribs, lances, embossing, extruded flanges etc.
Solid 3D models to sheet metal part conversion with thickness, bend radius, and K-factor
Development of weld details to sheet metal parts on models or drawings
Cost estimation based on material and number of operations
Sheet metal stamping design for shearing, cutting or stamping dies & tools and sheet metal enclosure
Metal doors and windows design in SolidWorks

We deliver PMI annotated drawings with comprehensive 3D CAD models designed with DFM strategy to ensure minimum failure risks. Our additional expertise in design automation using DriveWorks further provides manufacturers the opportunity to reduce the engineering time and develop custom sheet metal products faster.

With sheet metal occupying a major position in multiple industries our CAD drafters make use of parametric CAD platforms to make a flexible and fabrication-friendly workflow.
Discuss your sheet metal design requirements to gain maximum project efficiency with accuracy.