Streamline Sourcing & Save Big Bucks

Help Us Revive America and bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. Give your friends and neighbors a chance to support their families again.

Get matched with the right suppliers based on your criteria and receive quotes in a secure, private and easy to compare format. Your information will be kept secure and private !

Why submit RFQs thru Machining Partner ?

  • Free Service – there is no cost to use our RFQ submission service.
  • Help Locally – help friends and neighbors get work
  • Confidential – your information is 100% secure and never shared.
  • Faster Market Access –  bring products to market more efficiently.
  • Flexible Capacity – source a single prototype or large production.
  • No Employee Costs – never pay to hire and train sourcing employees.
  • Domain Expertise – we know custom machining – its all we do.
  • Better Value – reduce manufacturing cost without sacrificing quality
  • Buy American – Help us bring work to hard working U.S. machine shops.

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How Does Machining Partner Work ?

  1. Post a quote request
  2. We evaluate your rfq & supplier criteria
  3. We locate only the most qualified machine shops
  4. We forward your rfqs to qualified shops
  5. You choose a supplier and conduct business directly

Every dollar saved in production of a product falls straight to the bottom line: 10% margin $1 saved = $10 in sales.

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machining rfq bay area


please note: you may request discreet sourcing or request associated services we provide.

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