Machining Partner is your ultimate sourcing partner with the industry know-how and deep relationships formed over the decades with reliable suppliers. Our manufacturing partners operate state of the art precision manufacturing facilities and specialize in machining wide range of materials including aluminum, stainless, copper, titanium and plastics.

Capabilities include CNC Production, Short Run and Proto-Type with enhanced Engineering Design and Mechanical Assembly in addition to CAD and Cost Reduction Consultations. To succeed in this volatile environment, today’s most successful companies rely on best value partnerships that can respond to these challenges in an efficient, timely manner and keep them ahead of competition.

We strive to build and sustain strong partnerships with our customers, based on trust and confidence. We conduct ourselves as an extension of our customers’ organization. List of manufacturing business directories

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A rather uncommon story in the US manufacturing industry.

DJ Precision Started like many others. Daniel grew up watching his father work on the lathe and learned the trade. Still today, 45 CNC machines later 68 year old Daniel is involved in everyday activities and gets his hands soaked in coolant and dodges chips flying off the Bridgeport. Not that his 74 workers can’t do it, but because he loves what he does.

in 2008 he was on the brink of bankruptcy and seriously considered laying off entire workforce and closing the doors, when his 8 year old granddaughter approached him one cold evening in November of 2008, while he was sipping whiskey, and saved his manufacturing business with the simplest solution, yet so effective that not only the business survived, it thrived and closed contracts worth more than Daniel and his son Mark could ever imagine.

She had the most brilliant advise, so unbelievably effective and simple that is was right there in front of his the whole time.

continued on …Are you brave enough to be the next success story ?

Sitting on the porch, Daniel took another sip of whiskey as he lamented over the dire financial situation of his shop. After over 30 years in business, he was facing the prospect of having to lay off his loyal employees and shut down for good.

Just then, his 8-year old granddaughter Emily skipped up the steps. “Why do you look so sad, Grandpa?” she asked. Daniel explained how the recession meant fewer orders coming in, making it hard to keep the business going.

Emily thought for a moment, then said “Have you told other people what you can make for them? Maybe they need help like you did with their broken machines before.”

Her simple wisdom struck a chord. Daniel realized he had been so focused on his existing customers, he hadn’t reached out to new prospects.

The next day, he had his team create a website showcasing their capabilities. He joined manufacturing directories and trade groups to connect with peers. He even posted fliers at local colleges advertising their services.

Within weeks, calls started coming in from new customers. The shop’s expertise was in high demand. Word was spreading.

Six months later, Daniel’s business was thriving again. His skilled team was busier than ever, machining complex parts for a wide range of industries.

When he looked back on that difficult period, Daniel realized the business he had worked so hard to build didn’t need to disappear. With his granddaughter’s fresh perspective, he rediscovered there were many potential customers who would value what his shop offered.

He just needed to proactively let them know.

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