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Machining Partner is San Jose based buyer/seller of used CNC machines. We can help you buy, sell or trade your machines.
With decades of experience in the machining trade we are not just here to help you buy or sell used CNC machines but also to provide full range of services from sale to consultation to freight. We know the right CNC equipment for the right application.

Nationwide Used CNC machines

While we are headquartered in San Jose, CA, we are able to purchase and sell all machine shop equipment nationwide. We carry most chip-making equipment and inventory many machines on-site and ready for delivery. Used CNC has developed a loyal customer following based on our extensive knowledge of later model CNC chip-making equipment. You may be interested in CNC software.

CNC Machine Liquidation & Auction

Machining Partner can helps manufacturers across San Jose, California and the whole United States auction and liquidate machines and used machine shop equipment. Should your company require downsizing, restructuring, close an operation, or simply needs to liquidate used CNC machines and other machining/manufacturing equipment, let Machining Partner be your best choice to turn surplus equipment into capital.

Find Used CNC Machines San Jose

With Machine Shop Auctions, We Can Offer:

  • Fair Cash Purchase Price – We will purchase all your equipment immediately and take on all the risk of the sale.
  • Guaranteed Sale Amount – We will guarantee you a dollar figure. Everything above and beyond that is split according to previously agreed upon percentages. This option allows an generous upside to the the seller.
  • No Risk Commission Sale – We can hold the auction and charge you a commission on the sale. This option is very low risk to the seller.

With Liquidations, We Can Offer the Following:

  • Accurate Appraisals – We can conduct thorough appraisal of your assets and suggest sales price and commission structure
  • Complete Market Analysis – Machining Partner also offers market analysis.  Use the current market conditions to your advantage. Get to know the current marketplace for particular CNC machine or other asset, best time to sell as well as the various needs and obligations of the company. Develop a winning sales strategy to help you bring in the highest price for your used CNC machines and other assets to be sold.

Used CNC Machines and Equipment We Buy and Sell

  • Vertical Mills
  • Horizontal Mills
  • Used Lathe CNC Machines
  • Used Fadal CNC Machines
  • Used Matsuura CNC Machines
  • Used Haas CNC Machines
  • Combination CNC Lathes
  • Conventional Lathes
  • Vertical Machining Centers
  • Horizontal Machining Centers
  • Horizontal CNC Boring Mills – Floor
  • Horizontal CNC Boring Mills – Table
  • Vertical CNC Boring Mills – Live Spindle
  • Vertical CNC Boring Mills
  • Vertical Conventional Boring Mills
  • Drill and Tapping Centers
  • 3D Printers
  • Grinders
  • Misc. Tooling and Machine Parts
  • Automatic Screw Machine Swiss Type CNC

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Buy and Sell Used CNC Machines in San Jose, CA and throughout the whole USA ! Looking for Machining Books ?

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