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Online Machining Services Marketplace Provides Real Economic Stimulus provides business-building opportunities for buyers and sellers of machining services.

San Jose, CA—Sunday, November 25, 2012—MachiningPartner announces the launch of, an online machining marketplace that brings buyers and sellers of machining services together in a safe and mutually profitable environment. is a win-win for both sides of the transaction since it lowers the cost of doing business across the board.

The economic meltdown continues to have a devastating effect on the manufacturing industry. With this launch, manufacturers now have a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to purchase machining services. Buyers of machining services can broadcast their proposals to a huge number of machining service providers with very little effort and  no cost. Machine shop operators can receive a steady supply of new business leads without spending a fortune in advertising. Based on “pay per performance” model, machining services providers pay only a small commission once they receive an purchase order. There are no other fees, subscriptions, membership charges or hidden charges. And no one has to leave the office or even speak to the other party if they don’t want to.

The machining marketplace also provides a safe place to do business. That’s because buyers’ and sellers’ reputations are published for all to see. When you know that everyone sees how you conduct yourself, there’s the added impetus to do the right thing each and every time.

With declining sales and shrinking margins, the launch of couldn’t have come at a better time. is operated by Low Cost Solution , a company that provides machining services for aluminum, stainless, copper and plastic. In fact, the experienced gained first-hand by operating that company gave birth to the idea of launching

“Business owners can no longer afford the time and expense it takes to chase machine shop quotes over the telephone, FAX and in person,” says Adis Pilavdzic, co-founder of “We are a pretty well-entrenched machining services provider. If we’re feeling the pinch in sales, we’re pretty sure all the other machine shops are as well,” he added.

A good percentage of MachiningPartner’s members new business comes through New machining services providers are already seeing increased sales through the site as well.  Manufacturers throughout the country are also starting to find machining work from using the site.

If you buy or sell machining services and want to do more business with less expense, visit and sign up for an account.

About the Company:
MachiningPartner is a California-based company that provides an online machining marketplace designed to bring buyers and sellers of machining services together.