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Keeping Machining Shops in Business
Can Manufacturing marketplace help find work for machine shop.

We all know that the global market has taken a bit of a hit in recent years; money’s hard to come by, and so many jobs are now moving overseas; many machining shops are finding it hard to survive; so, what can be done to reverse the fortunes of these companies?

One of the odd things about businesses, no matter whether they’re machining shops, or the local dentist, is the fact that they seldom seem to learn from each other i.e. how often do you see a dentist using the internet marketing ‘affiliate’ model to get new patients, and reward the people referring them? Not often, I’ll bet.

Now there is a site that has taken some of the ideas from other industries, and applied them to the manufacturing marketplace; meaning there’s a way for machining shops, and those businesses relying on them, to get away back into the market, which stimulates the local industry.

Have you ever thought to yourself that it would be great to have a list of local companies that needed the products that your machining shops could produce? Or, maybe you have a small company that’s looking for good, reliable, fast and efficient machining shops that you can use to produce bespoke parts for you?

Well there is a way of bringing all of these manufacturers and suppliers together, forming a sort of ‘manufacturing marketplace’. Just think; a way to find work for machine shop employee that you have doing ‘light’ duties may be one or two clicks away.

Getting back to the ‘learning for other industries’ idea for a moment; have you ever looked at sites like Facebook and thought it was just another place for 15 year olds, who should be in school, to hang out, and talk utter nonsense? You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that, and that’s why many of your competitors are stealing a march on you; this sort of thinking is putting their rival machining shops out of business.

Ok, you may not want to join Facebook and try to learn the techniques involved in successfully marketing your machining shops on it; but a very similar idea applies; the internet isn’t just there for teens with nothing better to do; you can make a genuine connection with other companies that are going to benefit your company, and you’ll benefit theirs, too.

There’s another online company that businesses, such as yours, are starting to learn about; it’s called LinkedIn. Through this online company you can make contact with a lot of other business people. While this is a great idea, it’s not really specific enough for machining shops; many of the companies may be too far away for you to use effectively, too. So, how can you use a similar system to grow your business?

What you need to do is to visit; that was easy, wasn’t it?

This is going to be your ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to getting new suppliers, or, when you’re looking for companies that your machining shops can supply; it’s the manufacturing marketplace that you’ve been dreaming of.

Just imagine it for a moment; no more having to keep files of people who may be able to send work your way; no need to scour the phone book for people to do business with; you’ll have ‘met’ these business owners online, so it’ll be just like you’re dealing with an old friend. Could it get any better than that?

Actually, yes; yes it can. In fact it does in two ways.

The first of these ways is the fact that you won’t be competing with foreign companies. Not that there’s any real problems with many foreign companies, but you know that you’re not always going to be able to compete on price; for instant, many foreign companies will have a far lower wage bill each month, that means they can drop the price of the product and undercut you; if the exchange rate is also working in their favor, then this country’s machining shops don’t stand a chance; this is putting people out of work.

What’s the second way that this manufacturing marketplace is going to help struggling machining shops?
There aren’t any fees to be paid. Yes, you read that correctly; no subscriptions, you can try it out without having to worry about finding the money to do it; no commissions; and no hidden “upgrade” options, to get the best features. How good is that?

Just think about it for a moment; if you’re trying to find work for machine shop employees, and have little money coming into the company, is paying for a site like this going to help? Well, yes, it is, but if other companies are struggling for money, too, they may not join; that leaves you, the only one with vision, as the only person in the manufacturing marketplace; so there won’t be much business going on there; will there?

By making this free other companies are going to join, and the manufacturing marketplace will start to flourish. Machining shops all over the country will be saved.
So, if you thought that the internet was for companies that deal in digital products; or it’s the sole domain of spotty teens with nothing better to do; it’s time to think again.
This free great service can help all machining shops from ones specializing in aerospace machining to industrial jigs and fixtures.

By joining the manufacturing marketplace you’re making sure your machining shops going to stay in business, for the foreseeable future; plus it’s going to be the only real way to find customers for machine shops, in the years to come.