System integrators help manufacturers in their digital transformation journeys | Control Engineering

Learning objectives

  • Learn about the practical challenges and when to look for external help
  • Gain an appreciation of the elements associated with successful digital transformation
  • Understand the importance of setting realistic expectations and the need to break up the project into manageable bits

When it comes to digital transformation, the engineering community has moved past awareness to experimentation and, in some cases, broader implementations.

From a futuristic vision based on technologies like big data and artificial intelligence the concept has become more realistic and attainable. The human element, whether plant operators or executive sponsors, remains of paramount importance.

Data availability is key, but for many brownfield installations, accessing plant floor data represents the first major challenge. Engineers and technicians commonly encounter patchworks of proprietary and legacy systems, making it difficult to extract and share data.

Attend this session to learn how industrial system integrators can contribute to their client digital transformation journeys.

CSIA believes that manufacturing will be revolutionized through digital transformation and that SI integrators will play a key role. CSIA aims to help SIs prepare and position themselves to take advantage of this opportunity.