Updated PackML standard released

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has released a simplified version of the ISA TR88 standard, commonly called PackML. The updated version, ANSI/ISA-TR88.00.02-2022, is now available through ISA and ANSI. Updated templates, tools, and implementation guides for applying the new TR88 standard will be available to OMAC members through their website.

TR88.00.02/PackML provides a powerful communications interface based on consistent application of universally accepted information about a machine’s operating state. Manufacturers and machine builders worldwide have implemented the TR88 standard on various control platforms. It provides a familiar structure that speeds up integration of different systems and helps users quickly identify production problems and exceptions.

“Adopters of TR88 for discrete machinery have realized the benefits of using standard state models, modes and tag naming conventions to implement a common look and feel across their plants and more easily identify production issues,” said Doug Meyer, Yaskawa senior manager and OMAC Chair in a press release. “The latest 2022 revision enhances the ability for manufacturers to implement TR88 on today’s flexible production lines and accommodate the trend towards creating mixed-sku final products.”

The updated version of PackML is designed to make the standard easier to implement across many manufacturing applications. Definitions have been simplified and clarified to fill in implementation gaps and remove unnecessary sections. Additional changes have also been made to improve data structure and communication. Specific updates include:

  • A minimum set of tags and states have been identified.
  • Sections that are not central to machine design have been removed
  • Certain definitions and transitions between modes have been clarified
  • Additional tags have been added to fill in gaps in applying the standard.

– Edited from an Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) press release by CFE Media and Technology.