American Machine Shops are Stuck in 1987 – Chinese Are Sexy and Smart

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here is an exert we found in email box: What Do You Think ?


most machine shops go out of business because they deserve to, ones that are smart enough to adopt and evolve with new technologies stay ahead of competition. It’s a no brainer.

The smart machine shops will hire actual designers but most won’t, because they simply are stuck in 1987, these shops simply do not and will not understand that this is 2013. We the Chinese have been progressing and won’t give driver seat up Ever because we not stub born and ar adoptable. When you visit our companies and websites now we take all technology serious and make very good quality and more important we make government policy.

While most machine shops in USA use computer monitors from 2003 (YES IT IS TRUE !!!)  We use Newest Apple MAC Books and 100% efficiency in whole supply chain and QA.

It is not that cheap labor that attracts big companies to China ( that was 30 years ago) but the infrastructure and incentives. We know how to make business. Very clever and long term.

Look how smart we used Applied Materials to take over entire solar industry while American debate if “climate change is real”
Just like we bought many machining websites and sourcing, real estate cash we make much money now – the old American Manufacturing fails to recognize value and potential in advancing technology that is why it IS dead and will stay until they reform.

Because of FOX News and similar outlets most manufacturing representatives probably not know that 97% of machining buyers search for machine shops online?

If you do not have a website or it needs face-lift to represent your business professionalism and quality than you need to consider getting a no cost website from Google ( url auto removed )

yellow pages and Thomas Reg are dead for a decade – let’s get actual customer from this century. (Google is kind of big company now, just google them or better yet go to Baidu )






这并不是说廉价的劳动力,吸引大公司到中国,但基础设施和激励。我们知道如何让企业。非常巧妙的和长期的。看看我们如何使用应用材料。就像我们买了这个网站,现在赚不了多少钱 – 岁的美国制造,没有认识到技术进步的价值和潜力。



黄色网页和托马斯注册了十年都死了 – 让我们的客户实际从本世纪。 (谷歌现在是那种大公司,他们只是谷歌)

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    of course the Chinese are better at everything Now

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